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Posted on 9 April, 2018 at 2:15

So I've had the opportunity to try out the Charlotte Tilbury Gift Set - Red Carpet Skin - Travel Kit which incorporates a few of the Award Winning Skincare Products, allowing you to try these products out first, or take them away with you on your travels or for a glamorous weekend away.

The Packaging it came in screamed luxury to me straight away and I was so excited just opening the box.  Wrapped in beautiful wine coloured tissue paper and Gold Packaging I was so excited to try out these products.

The first thing I loved was the makeup bag it has the iconic gold lips on the bag with a dark wine coloured bag which you can vaguely see through which I found really handy but it looked so beautiful and because of the packaging if anything leaked it would not seep through into your suitcase because it isnt made of Fabric. Not that I think that would happen because all the packaging is water tight.

The thing I tend to do when I open a bottle of skincare is to smell the product.  It is just an instinct I have.  Coming from an Aromatherapist Training Background this may have some bearing on this.  But it comes in handy because you can pick out the different scents in the bottle and when applying it.

The travel-size versions of the magic tricks that Charlotte uses in preparation for the makeup on a red-carpet sets her clients up for a flawless glow

Charlotte Tilbury Take It All Off - Eye Makeup Remover – oil-rich, two-toned cleanser that removes even the hardest to shift makeup in one swipe including eye makeup.  I loved this and it has a pretty blue colour to it.  It was clean and simple and I tend to wear waterproof eyeliner and it removed this without have to rub the eyes, which for me is a must, being a redhead and having blue eyes they tend to be sensitive.  It just melts it away and removes mascara really easily too. I've also been using this on my brides to clean up any areas prior to foundation and it does the trick without making any mess at all.  Absolute genius idea and now something I cannot live without.


Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow - Cleanser, Mask & Balm - 100ml - now the name itself pulls me in because I personally love the feel of a balm as a cleanser rather than a general Cleanser.  The packaging is lovely which goes without saying. You dont need to squeeze much out of the bottle, it comes out with a white thick gel-like consistency.  When you apply it to the skin it disperses in what feels like an oil and envelopes the face and it smells divine.

So you can use this as a Cleanser and wash off with water or use it as a mask for a more intense hydrating treatment.  I personally dont want to take it off but now that im using it I cant imagine using anything else.  My skin automatically felt hydrated.  I do have quite sensitive skin so the balm felt calming and my skin looked brighter once I had taken it off before even trying out the other products. 

I then found the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask - Face Mask.  My initial reaction was "Oh no, this will just dry out my skin" possibly because of other clay masks I have tried in the past.  How wrong could I be?  It was not drying at all. My skin is more combination these days so I thought it would probably target the t-zone area really well.  I applied all over and kept it on whilst relaxing in the bath.  The heat from the bath helps the mask penetrate into the skin too.  Such a gorgeous treatment and I would probably use this once a week. It contains Sweet Almond oil so this prevents it drying out the skin.  It is a fantastic preparation for the MAGIC CREAM.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Cream - Moisturiser - 50ml contains a secret fusion of anti-ageing ingredients to instantly turnaround dull, ageing, lacklustre skin.

Well what can I say.  This smells divine.  When you apply it, it just feels so hydrating and so calming and I love just applying it prior to my makeup.  It seems to make the makeup sit nicely on the skin and give a natural glow.  I have been using it prior to makeup on my brides at their trial consultations and it's a definite winner for me and a complete luxurious treatment for my Brides prior to the Makeup Application.  The scent for me reminds me of turkish delight (constantly love my food as you may gather).  I need to double check whether it contains Rose and Geranium because those two essential oils blended together often smell like turkish delight, sweet and decadent.

I have just double checked and it contains Rose Oil and Rose Water amongst Geranium and Citrus Oils and lots of other beautiful ingredients. Love it!

And the genius award-winner, Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - Primer - 40ml claims to use breakthrough technology to steal UV light from its surroundings and radiate it as skin luminosity, transforming sleep-deprived skin in seconds.

They are not wrong.  I applied this with my fingers and my face felt lit from within and almost didnt need a foundation.  You can use this as a primer prior to applying your makeup and I did try this with the new  Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter 2 Light which isnt part of the kit but is something I purchased to try out.  I'm in love with both.  The Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow - Primer - 40ml has a really nice scent and reminds me of one of my favourite tipples, Amaretto. It has a scent of almonds and sweetness.  I actually used in on my chest area too because it evened out the skin and gave it a lovely glow. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter 2 Light I apply direct to my skin and blend with my finger as it warms up the product and the skin just radiates.  Perfect for a natural bridal look.  The only thing I would say is it is very moisturising and with oilier skin it may almost look oilier.  For drier skin it is lovely providing you have prepped the skin and hydrated it.  As it has this beautiful glow you would not want dry patches of skin to highlight.  Im in love with this product and think it would be lovely to wear on holiday in the evening when you dont want to wear too much makeup. It is also perfect for a Radiant Bridal Look.


Charlotte Tilbury poured all her makeup artist know-how into creating Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Shimmer and Highlighter, the claim is to create an incredible ‘slimmer shimmer’ that sculpts and highlights your contours for glossy perfection. It’s total body confidence in a bottle. The subtle pigment blended with contouring highlighters acts like an invisible film of shapewear lingerie for body confidence.

Again this smells beautiful and I have pale skin and applying this to my skin didnt feel heavy or like a fake tan with a tide mark, it just dispersed into the skin leaving a natural warm glow and I feel it would work lovely if you are going somewhere special and have skin on show.  With a light tan on holiday this would enhance it without it being a permanent fixture.  I'm still waiting to get the Supermodel body and im still working on that and im not sure the product can do that for me, unfortunately, but all of these products are Winners for me. 

So there you have it. Five of Charlottes greatest illusions that will leave you feeling ready to take on the red carpet.

So to recap on the contents


Travel TAKE IT ALL OFF tube 15ml

Travel MULTI MIRACLE GLOW tube 15ml


Travel MAGIC CREAM pot 15ml

Travel WONDERGLOW tube 15ml

Travel SUPERMODEL BODY tube 15ml

When I ordered this product I had a free sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Dry Sheet Face Mask and had great fun using this.  You pop it on the face and hook it over the ears.  It is a dry mask and feels just like an embalmed cloth.  You cant imagine what this mask could do.  I put it on and took some images because I found it amusing to look like something from Silence of the Lambs.  Aside from the way it looks it warms the face as you are wear it and you can feel it working on the skin.  When you take it off your skin has luminosity to it and I loved the way it made my skin feel so soft afterwards.  if you can get over the way it looks on you, which is just fun anyway you are onto another genius idea from Charlotte Tilbury.

Then add the HOLLYWODD FLAWLESS FILTER Foundation and you are ready to knock 'em dead at your special event.

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